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The Pink Lounge is a place where you can come to relax and enjoy the benefits of our many halotherapy treatment options. Halotherapy means salt therapy, a tradition founded on ancient beliefs in the vital properties of salt. Our spa incorporates the use of 100% authentic pink Himalayan salt in all of our treatments.


The presence of microscopic salt particles in the air provides many benefits on its own, along with our other therapeutic methods. Guests may notice improvements in symptoms from respiratory conditions, skin conditions, and a variety of other issues when they undergo our halotherapy treatments. With a range of options available, we have something for everyone here at the Pink Lounge.

Just Breathe

Dry Salt Bed Therapy

Our dry salt bed therapy provides an exceptionally relaxing and meditative experience for our guests. Resting on a bed of 100% authentic pink Himalayan salt, our guests can reach a new level of tranquility in the microclimate environment free of toxins and allergens.

We have two intimate rooms: one for private use and one for multi-person use; parent and a child or two, a couple, two best friends.​

Guests may notice a reduction in symptoms related to:

  • Bronchial inflammation

  • The decrease in airborne pollen particles from airways

  • Strengthened immune system to help decrease allergic reaction to pollens

  • Cleans and sanitizes the airways

  • Prevents and treats the common cold and flu

  • Improved skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis, and psoriasis

  • Reduced snoring

  • Healthier sleep

Hand and Sole Detox

Together your feet have approximately a quarter of million sweat glands and your hand, approximately 370 per centimeter. When the Pink Himalayan Salt block is heated, and you place your hands and feet on the salt block it provides a sweat response by the body. The sweat removes build-up not limited to water, lactic acid, a nitrogenous face, fatty acids, and uric acid. The heat allows your pores to open and unclog to absorb the Himalayan salt into the skin.

​Guests may notice the following after their session:

  • Removing lactic acids belt off after exercise or sports

  • Ease in muscle cramps, aches, and pains

  • Ease arthritic inflammation and joint pain

  • Promote a healthy pH balance 

  • Promotes vascular health 

  • Assist in softening the skin of feet and hands

Pink Himalayan

Salt Room

Our Pink Himalayan Salt room is a form of Speleotherapy that provides a man-made environment that mimics the natural salt caves throughout Europe through climate control. The specially designed room can improve your overall mental and emotional health by allowing you to relax and distress. While relaxing in the room, you inhale the salt- enriched air as it enters into your lungs, it cleans your lungs, improves breathing, promotes healthier skin, good sleep, and overall well-being. Handicap accessible, we keep our room above 70 degrees to provide a great space for relaxation, meditation and increase psycho-emotional well-being.

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